My Passion

Hey & howdy do! 

Welcome to Wix Wax Candle. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Amy, the founder and chief candlemaker here at Wix Wax. I’ve been making candles since 2013. I started as a small, one-woman show, after the kids grew up + my husband bought me my first candle kit. And I’ve been growing steady ever since.

As Wix Wax grows, I most enjoy seeing my candles in homes all across North America and beyond. 

One day I hope to take the company entirely mobile and RV cross country with my husband, visiting as many National Parks as we can!

What Makes a House a Home

Aside from the people in it, there’s probably only a few things in your house that truly make it feel like home to you. My hope is to make candles that truly transform your space.

Your Home. Your Sanctuary.

As hard as I work to make each candle look and smell great, I also ensure they burn clean. That’s why every Wix Wax cable is made with 100% low-smoke soy wax. No oil-based parabens, ever. After all, your home is a sacred place. And only the best stuff should be allowed inside.

My Personal Promise to You:

If the order is wrong, late, or not what you expected, I’ll make it right. Just like I want my kids to be happy and healthy, I care deeply about what goes into every item I ship to you. And if it isn’t right, I’m on a mission to fix it quickly.