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Wix Wax Candle Current Scent List
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Alien: With classic florals, sparkling citrus, and the heady scent of woods and amber, our alien candle is packed with shimmering galaxies of fragrance. This otherworldly scent will mystify your friends and fill your house with magic.

Apple Cinnamon Streusel: This tart and decadent candle will warm your heart and home. We hand pour each one full of the essence of tart apples, warm spices, and toasty nuts. It’s the perfect way to sweeten up your space.

Apple Jacks: Fill your home with the cozy scent of apples, sugar, and spice! The rich aroma of our Apple Jack candle is an intriguing and intoxicating blend of warm spices like nutmeg and cloves, with lingering notes of musk, maple, and vanilla over crisp, juicy apples. It’s a candle that pleases fruit lovers and fruit sceptics alike with the warm, layered aroma

Baby Powder: Baby powder is such a soft, nostalgic scent. We fill our candles with extra fragrance oil so the clean, powdery sweetness really lasts. If you love the classic fresh fragrance of baby powder, this candle is perfect for you!

Banana Nut Bread: This is one of our favorite scents! Our banana nut bread candle is a top seller with the sweet fragrance of bananas accented by just the right touch of toasted nuts. It’s deliciously warm and the perfect scent to make you feel at home.

Beach Bum: Head to the beach with this bright and sunny scent! We pack each hand poured candle with loads of citrus and summery florals, and everything is finished with the musky, salty scent of the sea. Soak in the cheerful scent anytime you need a quick getaway!

Bedtime Bath: Lull yourself to sleep with the ultimate relaxing candle. Soft white florals mingle with lavender, hay, and a bit of citrus to create this dreamy scent. With twice the fragrance oil of most candles, you can sink into a long-lasting cloud of calming scent.

Bergamot: Take a trip to the Mediterranean with this classic, citrusy bergamot candle! Bergamot is a delicate citrus fragrance with hints of white florals that will lift your mood and brighten your home. With extra bergamot fragrance oil, the cheerful scent will linger for hours.

Best Friends: Our best friends candle is as sweet as your favorite friend. It’s packed with fruits as juicy as the secrets you share like berries, guava, and pomegranate and finished with a warm glow of vanilla. It’s a bright, sparkling scent bursting with fun!

Bite Me: This effervescent scent is so sweet and sparkling! Bit Me smells like Hawaiian Punch and 7-Up mixed together in a perfectly fruity blend. This candle is bursting with citrus, cherry, and a hint of vanilla.

Blackberry Jam: This candle bursts with the smell of berry stained fingers and long sunny days. The juicy, fruity scent of summer will warm your house no matter what the season, and the slow burning wick means you can have sweet ripe berries for months.

Black For Men: This candle is great to clear the air in the man cave or for anyone who loves something a little stronger than fruity florals.  The complex, sexy scent with hints of leather, wood, musk, and herby florals is as brisk as the crisp mountain air and as fresh as a walk in the woods. 

Blood Orange: Blood orange has a deep citrus aroma that is fresh, inviting, and just a touch herbaceous. It will fill your home with the fresh fragrance of a sweet, sliced orange.

Blueberry cobbler: Our delicious blueberry cobbler candle smells just like Grandma’s house! The juicy berry fragrance is complemented by spicy cinnamon and warm vanilla. The long-lasting candle will fill your home with the perfect scent of summery fruit. It’s nostalgic and sweet, like eating ice cream and watching fireflies on the porch with Grandma.

Breezes & Sunshine: Evoke the early summer days in the backyard with the smell of fresh cut grass, sweet summer flowers, and lots of juicy fruit. This candle is packed with bright sunshine and hints of ocean breezes. With everything from woods to pineapple to jasmine and sea lily, this candle is bursting with the energy of warm, sunny days. 

Chai Tea: Our chai tea candle is cozy and exotic all at once. It’s full of rich warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, vanilla, amber, and a variety of bright tea aromas. With our slow burning wick, your afternoon tea break can last well into the evening, too!

Cherry Blossom: Our cherry blossom candle is fresh and exotic all at once. Sweet florals like cherry blossom and mimosa float over the warmth of tonka bean, vanilla, and woods. It’s that perfectly Zen mix of sweet and sultry that makes this candle a customer fave.

Chocolate: This chocolate candle is as purely decadent as it gets. The unmistakably rich and delicious scent of chocolate is packed into this candle to fill your home with the sumptuous scent. Chocolate is often mixed with other fragrances to get something unique, but this candle is just the perfect, melty aroma of chocolate and nothing else. Yum!

Christmas splendor candle: Our Christmas Splendor candle has everything we love about Christmas packed into one long burning candle. With oak, balsam, fir, and pine, it smells like a snowy walk through the woods, and the apples, cinnamon, and clove are like a cup of mulled cider to keep you warm. This candle is cozy, inviting, and perfect for setting the mood for holidays filled with family, friends, and lots of nostalgic traditions.

Cinnamon: Get cozy with the delicious warmth of our cinnamon candle! The sweet and spicy scent is just liked gooey fresh baked cinnamon rolls without all the mess. All our candles are packed with fragrance oil, so the yummy cinnamon aroma will last extra long.

Clean Cotton: Everything about this candle is fresh, clean, and inviting! The fragrance is bursting with florals like tuberose and jasmine with hints of powder, musk, citrus, and wood fluttering in behind. It’s like standing in the sunshine watching laundry dry in the breeze. Burn this candle any time you want to freshen up your space a little!

Clementine: With a mix of cheery citrus and a hint of vanilla and ginger, our clementine candle is good enough to eat! Just like those tiny cuties, this sweet candle packs a tart punch. With a fragrance reminiscent of sweet tarts, it’s the perfect candle to brighten your day.

Coconut: Head to the tropics with this creamy coconut candle! It’s packed with double the fragrance of typical candles, so your island mood can last all day. If you close your eyes, you can smell the sunscreen and almost feel the sand!

Coffee: The smell of fresh brewed coffee is the perfect pick-me-up! This long-lasting candle is packed with double the roasted coffee smell, so you get all the inviting warmth of a coffee shop without the caffeine buzz!

Country Bumpkin: This candle smells like rocking on the porch outside your grandma’s kitchen door. Country Bumpkin is full of sweet home cooked faves like candied yams and crisp apples with a bit of nutmeg, cloves, and spicy cinnamon. Sit back and savor the slower pace of times past with this long-lasting candle.

Country Home: Curl up in your cabin in the woods…even if you live in the heart of the city! Our country home candle is full of cheery citrus, warm spices, and scents of the forest. Escape from the bustle of your busy day with this sweet, homey candle.

Country Vanilla: This country vanilla candle smells like the baking contest at the county fair. It’s packed with sweet, warm vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, making this the blue-ribbon winner for vanilla lovers everywhere. This long-lasting candle will fill your space with the sweet, comforting fragrance of home.

Cucumber Melon: No wonder cucumber melon is such a popular scent; it’s fresh, fruity, and perfectly summery. We pack as much of this bright and juicy fragrance as possible into every candle so that there’s even more to love!

Doodle Bug: We’ve captured the carefree days of childhood in a super fun candle! It smells like a kid in a candy shop: packed with bubble gum, cream soda, and sweet, fruity candles. With a lingering powdery finish, doodle bug will take you back to the days when your schedule was packed with playgrounds, cartoons, and naps and your biggest challenge was scheming for an extra scoop of ice cream.

Dragons Blood:

Elf Magic: Elves run on candy, and this sweet, cheerful candle is packed with their favorite treats! From candy canes and candy corn to bright and bubbly soda pop, this happy candle will keep your home merry and bright! Perfect for filling your home with childlike wonder and cheer, this candle will keep you smiling through all the baking and gift wrapping marathons.

Fig & Lychee: These exotic fruits combine to create a sweet, slightly spicy scent that’s as unique as you! When you mix sun soaked figs with bright lychee, you get a scent slightly reminiscent of bubblegum or grape soda with a spicy, lingering undertone. It’s playful, fun, and unexpectedly delicious! 

Fresh Fruit Slices: This candle smells like your favorite smoothie! Fill your day with this juicy, eye-opening scent to keep you bright and energized! It has loads of citrus, berries, apples, grapes, and a hint of creamy coconut! Yum!

Fresh Linen: Our fresh linen candle will make your home smell fresh and clean. We hand pour each one, packing it with breezy florals and like jasmine and lilac, sensuous musk, and a bit of vanilla. It’s as soft and inviting as fresh, clean sheets.

Gingerbread: The spicy sweet smell of gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas anymore! Enjoy the warming fragrance of ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove year-round with our long-lasting and popular candle. Each candle is handmade with love just like your favorite holiday cookie.

Hazelnut: The toasty, buttery aroma of hazelnuts is always a decadent treat. This long-lasting candle is packed with a delicious hazelnut fragrance that will make your house smell cozy and warm.

Hot Buttered Rum: Spicy rum and buttery toffee combine in this deliciously intoxicating scent! It’s the perfect blend of sweet toasted sugar and rich spices, making your space smell homey and exotic all at once. With twice the fragrance oil of most candles, you’ll have a lingering shot of rich, boozy fragrance to fill your home.

Hot Pink Pomegranate: Hot pink pomegranate is a fizzy, fruity scent everyone loves! It’s full of juicy fruits, soft florals like jasmine and violet, and a rich base of woods, ginger, and musk. Make your space sparkle with this yummy scent!

Lavender: Classic lavender is so clean and calming. We practically pack all the lavender fields of Provence into each candle so your home will be filled with the relaxing aroma. Turn your home into an oasis with this peaceful candle.

Lemon: Nothing is as fresh and inviting as the classic scent of lemons. Our lemon candle is packed with double fragrance oil, so this energizing scent will fill your home with a bright pop of citrus. It’s simple, clean, and perfectly inviting.

Lemon Vanilla: Lemon Vanilla might be the most perfect scent. Something magical happens when bright, cheerful lemon and warm, sultry vanilla come together in this long-lasting candle. The scent is both cozy and energizing, and it smells like the most delicious dessert! 

Lilac: Lilacs are the great harbinger of spring, and we captured their fleeting fragrance in this amazing candle. The sweet, heady floral will fill your home with classic elegance and make everything seem fresh and new.

Love Spell: Fall under the sparkling, floral spell of this bright and flirty candle! With hints of citrus and berries snuggled up with sultry white musk, you’ll fall in love with this long lasting, fragrance-rich candle. 

Maple Sugar: Our maple sugar candle is warm, inviting, and perfect for crisp autumn nights. Cozy up with your favorite book and let the lingering sweetness wrap you in delicious warmth.

Magic potion: We love this magical combination of roses, juicy fruit, and sultry musk! The unique blend will fill your home with a magical scent that casts a spell into every corner. Since we pack extra fragrance oil into every candle, this magic is made to last.

Monkey farts: This fruity candle with the funny name is one of our favorites! It smells like a tropical smoothie with hints of banana, citrus, strawberry, and lingering vanilla. It’s a bright and yummy candle that will drive you bananas!

Mulberry: Our mulberry candle is sweet and delicious! This juicy heirloom fruit has the old-fashioned fragrance of a trip to the country with ripe berries accented by cinnamon and a bit of citrus. It’s bright, cheerful, and really cozy, too!

Patchouli: If you love the earthy scent of patchouli, this candle is just right for you! We pack double the fragrance oil in every small batch candle so that you can revel in the fragrance. Wrap yourself in this musky, uplifting, aphrodisiac aroma!

Peaches -N- Cream: Sun-ripened peaches mingle with creamy vanilla and sweet buttercream in this sweet and juicy candle. We pack each candle with double fragrance oil so it is truly bursting with peachy goodness. Our slow burning wicks keep that orchard fresh scent going strong for a long time, too!

Peppermint Patty: Our Peppermint Patty candle is fresh and decadent all at once! The invigorating scent of peppermint is accented with creamy vanilla and rich chocolate to warm your home. Our extra long-lasting candles are filled with double the fragrance oil, so this sweet treat will linger for hours.

Pilgrims Pie: Welcome friends to your table with a delicious Pilgrims Pie candle! This inviting scent is perfect for holidays and fall, with a complex blend of pumpkin, citrus, warm spices, vanilla, and smoke. It smells like curling up by the fire with the perfect slice of pie on a chilly night.

Pine – candle: Pine scented candles are the perfect way to capture that real Christmas tree smell without the mess. Whether you have an artificial tree or no tree at all, this classic, crisp scent will fill your home with holiday cheer. The scent of pine is so fresh and clean, you might just decide to burn this long-lasting candle all year long! 

Pumpkin Pie Spice: Curl up with an inviting Pumpkin Pie Spice candle! The sweet scent of pumpkin is laced with warm spices like cinnamon and clove and rounded out with a buttery burst of vanilla. All that’s missing is a mug of tea and your favorite slippers for the perfect Autumn day chilling at home.

Peppermint: This sweet peppermint candle will make your house smell like a candy shop! Peppermint is a fresh and invigorating aroma that’s perfect for energizing your space and making you feel alert and productive. Packed with extra fragrance, this candle will wrap your whole house in the fresh, minty smell.

Reindeer Poo candle: At Christmas time, even poo smells like magic. Lighthearted top notes of sparkling apple and pear are wrapped in the cozy aroma of woods like cedar, eucalyptus, and pine. Geranium, vanilla, and a hint of patchouli add to the holiday cheer. With a name to make you giggle and a scent that smells like home, Reindeer Poo is bound to be a new holiday tradition.

Rose: Fill your home with the classic romance of fresh cut roses. With double the scent of most candles, your home will bloom with this sweet, floral fragrance. This summery scent is a classic you can enjoy all year round.

Sandalwood Vanilla: Two of the warmest, sexiest scents combine in this sandalwood vanilla candle to create a sultry, cozy glow. It’s packed with two times the fragrance oil to create a woodsy and exotic fragrance. It smells like distant lands and a cozy home all at once, and it’s just that special touch to make your space perfect.

Sea Salt Caramel: Stroll along the boardwalk with the perfect blend of sea salt and sweet caramel! The browned sugar aroma of sticky caramels is accented by vanilla, maple, and the smell of a salty breeze. Indulge in a mini vacation right from your couch!

Southern Apple Pie: Our Southern Apple Pie candle is a slice of charm and hospitality! The crisp scent of apples is warmed with cinnamon to fill your house with the lingering scent of homecooked goodness. Our apple pie candle is bursting with double fragrance oil to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Strawberry Preserves: This candle smells like pure summer. Ripe, juicy strawberry preserves fill your home with the classic, sweet scent of sunshine and berries. If you love fruity fragrances, this candle was hand poured just for you.

Sugar Cookies: There’s a reason realtors bake cookies at an open house. Nothing says home like the smell of something delicious and warm in the oven. This sugar cookie candle is packed with extra fragrance oil to fill your house with that cozy scent without the temptation to have a snack!

Sugar plum candle: Our sugar plum candle is a dreamy and sophisticated take on holiday cheer. Nostalgic fruits like plums, sultry cherries, and bright oranges are wrapped in rich woods and spicy pepper notes to create a unique holiday mood. Like twirling ballerina fairies and nostalgic daydreams, this long burning candle makes magic that lingers.

Toasted Marshmallow: Our toasted marshmallow candle is full of cozy summer nostalgia! The smoky, sugary smell will transport you to a starlit night with a crackling fire and golden, oozy marshmallows. Ghost stories not included!

Tranquil Sleep: This candle has all the dreamy romance of a Victorian cutting garden. Old fashioned florals like cyclamen, hyacinth, and violet are mixed with juicy fruits and layered over sultry woods and musk to create a rich and relaxing glow. It’s unexpected, irresistible, and extra relaxing.

Witching Hour: We brewed up the perfect candle just for you! With spicy cinnamon, sweet florals, and lingering hints of patchouli, tea, and musk, this scent is a mystifying blend that will cast a spell of warmth and magic over your home.

White tea & Ginger: With an inviting and mystifying aroma, our white tea and ginger candle is always a top seller. The scent is soft and floral, rich and woodsy, and clean and bright all at once. It’s packed with bright notes like citrus and ginger, but grounded with warming hints of spices, florals, and woods. Everyone loves this candle, but nobody is quite sure why.

Yuzu: The bright citrus fragrance of Yuzu is refreshing and invigorating. These Japanese oranges have sparkling hints of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon that will bring a cheerful energy to your space.

Voodoo Love: Bring the magic of the Caribbean into your home with our Voodoo love candle! Tropical florals float over a base of luscious coconut to cast a warm and sensuous spell over your space. There is so much to love about this long lasting, mystical scent!