Fireside Pumpkin Candle Special

$ 22.95

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This is a 16-ounce candle in our brand new scent Fireside Pumpkin. You will also get an 8-ounce candle that matches it. 

This is a limited-time-only special ~ so hurry and get yours now you won't want to miss out on this scent.

"Fireside Pumpkin" is a warm and inviting aroma that captures the essence of a cozy autumn evening by the hearth. This enchanting scent combines the rich, earthy notes of ripe pumpkin with the smoky, comforting fragrance of crackling firewood. As you light this candle, you'll be greeted by the comforting embrace of roasted pumpkin, enhanced by hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. The crackling firewood undertones evoke the feeling of sitting by a warm, crackling fire, creating an ambiance of relaxation and nostalgia. Together, these elements blend seamlessly to create a scent that encapsulates the warmth, comfort, and cherished memories of fall gatherings and fireside moments. The "Fireside Pumpkin" scented candle is the perfect companion for cool autumn evenings, providing a sense of home and hearth in every flicker of its flame.